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Re: KLBC: Two IFs on one THEN?

ja' Voragh:
>Here is the entire text of the card, of which the bit I quoted was an extract:
> (Published in HolQeD 4.3:5)
> tlhIngan qorDu' potlh   Klingon Family Values
> qorDu' lurDechmeyna' pab tlhInganpu'.  qorDu' SaHlu'chugh 'ej
> matlhlu'chugh vaj wa' tlhIngan ghob potlhqu'.  tlhIngan qorDu'
> pong potlh law' Hoch potlh puS.
> With strong family traditions, devotion and loyalty to family
> is one of the most important Klingon virtues. Above all, the
> Klingon family name is highly valued.
>You're right, it does seem as if the line should read {... vaj potlhqu' wa'
>tlhIngan ghob}.

It would also work well as {...vaj wa' tlhIngan ghob potlhqu' tu'lu'}.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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