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leng Hovmey joj: jav

tu'Ij SuvwI'mey!

(that's about as far as this message goes tlh-H wise)

I need some help with the tlhIngan Hol in above mentioned movie.
although the dialog between the crew of the Morska listening post and
that of the Enterprise is subtitled, I couldn't understand some terms,
even with the KD handy.

As far as my ears could pick up, this is what the SuvwI' tlhIngan said:

[Morska keg, Duj vets u'nuq, rIn?]
I can't find the "keg" part anywhere, and in the "vets u'nuq" part I can
only distinguish "nuq"

<repeated several times, followed by clumsy Klingon from Uhura>

[nuqDaq roS]
"roS" (or something sounding alike) means nothing to me

[o'me such Ho']
here, "such" could be "Such". The rest is verengan Hol for all I know.

There was more (sort of) tlhIngan Hol text, but I have broken my TKD
over these sentences.
I have the federation standard, but lack the exact written words in
tlhIngan Hol.

Can any of you HolpInmey help?
(the whole dialog on my screen in tlhIngan Hol would be nice, too.)):-]

Any transcription of tlhIngan-Hol from the films is welcome, by the way!

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