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jatlh pagh:
> > 'oghwI' pongwIj	
> > My name is 'oghwI' (I am unsure of the word order.  TKD said N1-N2 
> > could be N1's N2 so this should be ok.  Do I need a 'e' on anything? 
> > I am not sure what to put it on if I do need one.)
> This doesn't quite work - you're trying to write a sentence, so you need
> verb. The way we do forms of "to be" - like "(something) is (something
> else)" - in Klingon is with pronouns. It's a bit strange (for English
> speakers, anyway), but that's the way it works. Examples:
> tera'ngan jIH. - I am a Terran.
> tlhIngan SoH'a'? - Are you a Klingon?
> When there's something after the pronoun, it gets the suffix <'e'>. So if
> you want to say "My name is <'oghwI'>", it's:
> 'oghwI' 'oH pongwIj'e'

I am probably missing the point compleatly, as I don't see the purpose of
Are you saying that we use 'oH as the verb?  If so why are we using 'oH,
why not a different pronoun?  Or is 'oH working as if it is "it (is)", that
would make sense.

On a different subject, what are the "Skybox Cards"? and where can I get

> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian


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