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Skybox Cards

ghel 'oghwI':
>On a different subject, what are the "Skybox Cards"? and where can I get

Skybox International was a manufacturer of trading cards, the kind that
used to come in packs of bubble gum.  They had a license from Paramount
Pictures to produce Star Trek cards.  In 1993, the Deep Space Nine set
had a collection of "Mission" cards in various languages.  #99 was in
Klingon, and included the line "Phonetic translation by Marc Okrand,
writer of the Klingon Dictionary" at the bottom.  Starting in 1994, a
set of cards came out for each season of Star Trek: The Next Generation
with six "special" cards in each set.  Three of the six special cards
each season had Klingon themes and both English and Klingon text, with
translation credit again given to Marc Okrand.  At some point, I think
Skybox merged with Fleer (another producer of trading cards); the cards
since 1996 have said "FLEER/SKYBOX AUTHORIZED USER".  For some reason,
there were only six seasons of cards produced, for a total of eighteen
Klingon language cards besides the DS9 one.

There are three ways to find out what they say:

1. Buy a *lot* of packs of Skybox Star Trek trading cards.  This will
   take a while before you accumulate the "special" ones.

2. Go to Star Trek conventions and buy them (at several dollars each)
   from dealers.

3. Look at HolQeD, where they are presented in the occasional "everyday
   Klingon" articles.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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