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Spock (was Re: IDIC)

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999 wrote:

>Does spoQ' (Spock) sound like klingon?

Not if you are trying to write it in Okrand's transcription.  According to
other names Okrand has converted (e.g. {martaq} Martok, {ghawran} Gowron),
"Spock" would have to be {SIpaq}, pronounced something like /s'pa:k/.  You
could also use {SIpoq} /s'po:k/ (rhymes with "spoke") if you prefer actress
Celia Lovsky's (T'Pau) more exotic pronunciation in "Amok Time".

Since Klingon doesn't permit initial consonant clusters, the vowel {I} is
used to break them up: e.g. {bI'rel} B'rel, {qItI'nga} K'Tinga, {qIvo'rIt}
K'Vort (which has another impermissible cluster at the end), {ghIrIlqa'}
Grilka, {tI'vIS} T'vis, {ghIboj} G'boj (from KGT). 

[BTW, please change the Subject line of your messages when you ask a new
question.  Don't just hit the "reply" key and re-use the old Subject.  This
makes it easier for the rest of us to identify new topics, and to ignore
old, boring ones of no further interest.]

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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