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RE: KLBC: ADV: Get $.05cpm Long Distance "SUPER LOW"

jatlh DaQ':

> nuqneH??
> chay' chuqvam tIq?

Sentence order - the subject <chuqvam> goes *after* the verb <tIq>. Also,
"how long" is really not the same thing as just plain "how" - with the
first, you are asking for a *measurement*, but with the second, you are
asking for a *process*. 
Your Klingon here is asking "How is the distance long?", which is not what
you want.

If you want to ask for a measurement, use the measurement words like <'aD>.

An alternative, though, in this particular sentence is to ask if the
distance is limited at all:

chuqvam vuSlu''a'?

> DaH Qo'noS wIQumlaH'a' 'ej jabbI'ID qutlhtaH'a'?

This one was better, but I do have some corrections. First, <Qum> is just
"communicate", not "communicate with", so you would have to say something
<maQumlaH'a' jIH, jupwI' je>. Second, remember your sentence order -
<jabbI'ID> is the *subject*, so it goes after <qutlh>. Finally, I don't
think the <-taH> on <qutlh> is necessary or useful.

> Hi guys it's been awhile but I'm going to give it a 
> try.... what I meant to say was:

> What??
> How long is this distance?
> Can I communicate with (call) Qo'noS now and will the 
> transmission (call) be cheap?

> Was I even close?


Beginners' Grammarian

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