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Re: qa'vIn

ja' peHruS:
> ><He'So' je mu'tlheghvam> DajatlhnIS 'e' vIHar. >>
>And, a quote is not a direct object of <jatlh>, that I believe.  This gives:
><He'So' je mu'tlheghvam> bIjatlhnIS 'e' vIHar.

I could argue that it isn't actually quoting, but there's a fuzzy boundary
between using the thing spoken as the object of {jatlh} and actually having
a quotation.  In this case, one probably should treat the phrase as a quote
and say {bIjatlhnIS}.

>Furthermore, although it is
>not necessary to put <jatlh> before the quote, I have seen it often in canon.
>This gives:  bIjatlhnIS <He'So' je mu'tlheghvam> 'e' vIHar.

This is probably *not* okay.  You've tossed the quotation in the middle of
a sentence as object structure, where it definitely gets in the way.  You
*might* be able to say {bIjatlhnIS 'e' vIHar: <He'So' je mu'tlheghvam} --
but I wouldn't put money on it.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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