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Nick in L.A.

Dear everyone I know outside Melbourne,

I've been holding off on announcing this until the job offer came through, 
just so I could be sure on it; the job offer looks like taking yet another 
week, although my plane ticket is now booked, so there's no looking back. A 
few of you will already know this, but to make the formal announcement: Having 
completed my doctoral dissertation, I am moving to Orange County (60 km from 
Los Angeles) in a month, for at least a year and probably three. I will be 
working at the University of Califonia, Irvine, at the Thesaurus Linguae 
Graecae, the project to encode in electronic form the complete corpus of 
Ancient and (now) Byzantine literature ( I will be 
arriving in LAX at 11 am, February 13th. Details on my new electronic and 
paper mail address will be divulged as they come to hand; the address in my 
signature should get to me for a while yet.

 Edarh oni oroumene          NICK NICHOLAS. PhD, Linguistics,
 kouraste na mpa"inei,       University of Melbourne, Australia
 apo ton kosmo entenh
 tsi naxei na orinei?
    --- Dhmhtzh Xouph, _O gerou-Kwstagkh_ (Tsakwniko poihma)

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