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KLBC: Time & sleep.

wa'leS, QI'tu'HomDaq jIyItlI'.

tommorow, I walk in the park.

I can not think how to do the time stamp.


that reminds me

QongDaq = bed,  When I saw this I assumed it was sleep(ing) place.  It's
just that we think of a bed as the place we sleep.  Would a Klingon think of
a QongDaq as an item of furniture (I know Klingons are not supposed to use
beds) or maybe a room or part of a room.  Would it be reasonable to call the
place an animal slept a QongDaq even though it is not a bed?  Or is the
QongDaq just the last place a Klingon did sleep or intended to sleep?
(yep that's a ZERO after the wilk)

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