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toch De'wI'mey

ja' charghwI':
>If you have a Palm III and if you are using Jfile, be sure to 
>update to 3.2F before qep'a' so my IR port can talk to YOUR IR 
>port, assuming that we name the files differently.

*toch wej* vIghajbe'.  *toch DeghwI'* 'oH neH.  QummeH 'otlh lo'be'.
"Jfile" vIlo'be' je.  nom mu' mugh mu'ghomwIj; SIbI' mu' 'ang.
mu' Segh 'ang je, 'ach mu'ghomvam napDaq mu' mung vIqonbe'.  De'vetlh
ngaS latlh ghItlh tIn vIleHbogh.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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