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Dap naQ

Dap naQ

Beginners, Beware!  Do NOT attempt to learn Klingon from this article.  The
underlined words are used incorrectly.  This intentional.  This is to show
that pulling a word out of the dictionary and thinking you MIGHT know how to
use it is dangerous.

Can we translate {Dap naQ} as "utter nonsense"?

1)  No.  TKD does not give "utter" as a definition of {naQ}.  Be conservative!
Use only Klingon words and grammar constructions MO has used.  That is the
only way we know the correct usages.

2)  Yes.  TKD gives {Dap} as "nonsense" and {naQ} as "complete."  Anyone who
speaks English knows that "complete nonsense" is the same as "utter nonsense."
We don't need to wait for MO to show us how to use words he has never put into
canon sentences.  We can figure them out ourselves.

Beginners:  If you do anything with this article, use it as a challenge to
correct the misusages.

Hatlh QaQ 'oH *United States*'e'.  *wrestler* vIghov. be' 'IH ghaH.  peQ ghaj
ghaH.  wa'Hu' ghol jotlhpu' ghaH.  gholDaj perchu' ghaH.

juHwIj vIcheghDI' Hurghqu'.  leQ vIchu'ta' 'ach HurghtaH.  bochbe'.  'ul SIrgh
ghorlu'.  DaH SIrghDaq qetlaHbe' 'ul. SIrgh chu' vIchoHpu'.  vaj paw jIlwI'.
juHwIjDaq jIchIDpu'.  *chess* wIQuj.  {ta'be'}wIj vIDachmoHta'.  {ta'be'}wIj
wegh jIlwI' 'ach jInogh; jInargh.  Daq Qobvo' jIteq'eghpu'.  ghaH vIjuvpu'
ghaHvaD jInIv 'e' vIDoQ.  jorpu' gholwI' QeH.  jach ghaH:  SuvwI' lam SoH.

vIychorgh wItlhutlh.  wIbmo' HaQchor puS vIlan.  wIbHa'moHghach Duy 'oH
HaQchor'e' net tlhoj.  

lut vIghItlh rIntaH.  lutvamvaD nuq 'oH Hap'e'?  tIqDu'raj ghor'a' lut Sarvam?
lutvam yIroQQo'!  mujbogh qechmey law' ngu'.

qawHaqDaq yabwIj vImejpu'.  maj ram, tlhIH naQ.

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