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Re: -bogh and -ghach

In a message dated 2/23/1999 11:49:29 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Meanwhile, as pagh and I both suggested, you can indicate which 
 noun is the head noun by adding {-'e'} to it. Captain Krankor 
 came up with this and Okrand accepted and endorsed it and has 
 used it in canon (though not consistently). >>

qechmey vuDmey je DI'oghbogh tlhIngan Hol yej'an beq lajta' MO. latlh qechmey
DI'oghchugh laj ghaH 'e' vISIv.  pab wIpojtaH 'ej maja'chuq.  qechmey law'
vuDmey law' je luyajchoHlu'.  ghaytan tlhIngan Hol latlh Qarghmey DIteb


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