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Re: Happy belated birthday

In a message dated 2/24/1999 12:15:56 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< "...For example, in everyday speech, the verb suffix {-jaj} 
 ("may") is used to express the speaker's desire *OR WISH* that 
 something happen in the future, as in... {jejjaj tajlIj} ("May 
 your knife be sharp"...)"
 Note that Okrand explicitly uses the word "wish" and gives as an 
 example "May your knife be sharp," and in giving that example he 
 does NOT place the word with {-jaj} last. You made up this thing 
 about wishes being "equal" to toasts and ignored the very text 
 you cited. >>
HIvqa' veqlargh

tera'ngan Hol vIlo'taHvIS "toast" rurchu' "wish" 'e' vIyajHa'


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