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Re: -bogh and -ghach

ja'pu' charghwI':
>Meanwhile, as pagh and I both suggested, you can indicate which
>noun is the head noun by adding {-'e'} to it. Captain Krankor
>came up with this and Okrand accepted and endorsed it and has
>used it in canon (though not consistently). >>

ja' peHruS:
>qechmey vuDmey je DI'oghbogh tlhIngan Hol yej'an beq lajta' MO.

wa' ngoDna' yIbuS:  pab Qanqor qech.  chaq lughbe', 'ach machqu' DuHvam.
qechvamvaD pabqoq chu' 'oghta'be' Qanqor.

Specifically, the suffix {-'e'} is serving exactly the purpose it was
defined to serve, that of specifying the topic of a sentence.  The only
thing that wasn't completely uncontroversial about it is that a relative
clause is not a complete sentence; it is merely a clause.  We've usually
found that when TKD talks about sentences, the idea applies to clauses as

>latlh qechmey DI'oghchugh laj ghaH 'e' vISIv.

ghaytan DI'oghqu'chugh, lajQo' ghaH.

We're not supposed to be here to invent the language, just to learn it
and use it and make it do things that were never explicitly put into a
grammatical rule or example.  Breaking the rules, or creating new ones
as we like, does not help the task of communication.

>pab wIpojtaH 'ej maja'chuq.  qechmey law' vuDmey law' je luyajchoHlu'.

Hol chovnatlhna' lo' lob vuDwIj'e'.  jIlugh roD 'e' vIqapbe' neH.
latlh vIponmeH, reH Okrand mu'mey vI'agh.

My opinions and ideas are generally based on the solid foundation of
Okrand's descriptions and examples.  I am not prone to insisting that
my ideas *have* to be correct without showing canonical support.

>ghaytan tlhIngan Hol latlh Qarghmey DIteb maH'e'.

Qargh DapuSpu' 'e' DaHarchugh, maHvaD yI'ang.  chaq QarghHey 'oH
'ej tebnISbe'lu'; 'oH DungDaq, 'oH retlhDaq joq mayItlaHchu'.

Next time you think you see something missing, let us know what you
want to say.  We'll probably be able to find a straighforward way to
express the idea.  Some so-called holes can be skirted, or even walked
over without having to jump.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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