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Re: Hello

ja'  ghunchu'wI':

>  My concern is with {Sap} being able to take *any*
>  sort of object, {'e'} or otherwise.  "Volunteer" sounds intransitive 
>  to me ...  
>  Maybe we'll discover that {Sap} can also mean "volunteer to", the way 
>  we recently found out that {SIv} can apparently mean "wonder if".  But
>  today, {...'e' Sap} just sounds wrong to me.

English allows "volunteer"  to be transitive with an object offered, e.g. "He
volunteered his services."   But even if Klingon did that (I don't know of
another word meaning "offer"), of course, "volunteering *to* (do something)"
is much different.

Someone might suggest {-meH Sap}, but to me that's useful only for  something
{Qu' Qobqu' DelDI' la', weywIj quvmoHmeH jISap}
"When the commander described a very dangerous mission, I volunteered in order
to bring honor to my unit."


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