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Re: gauntlets

>>...different from the symbols used the KLI font, how can
>>we speculate, even for fun?
>Well, it's just an inofficial convention. Most people who use so-called
>pIqaD use the table displayed on the KLI page. Best example is the HolQeD
>There  is also another Klingon Font - called  Klinzhai - that looks pretty
>good, although I have never  seen it on TV...

I use the KLI font also.  You didn't look at my whole statement.

Because the symbols on the show are different from the symbols in the KLI
font, we cannot speculate about what is written on the show.

If one is familiar with a certain font that someone is using, then sure,
convert it and read it.  But just because different fonts have similar
symbols doesn't mean they represent the same sound.

If someone "encrypts" a message with a particular font, it must be
"decrypted" with the same font.  You can't decrypt the message with another
font even if the symbols look similar.

I have the KLI font on my page as well.
I used to use it enough that I was able to hand-write in pIqaDHey almost as
fast as I could write in english.  But its been awhile.  noone to practice with.
I used to be good at a couple fonts.


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