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Re: gauntlets

ja' muHwI':
> The letters on the gauntlets say {}

ja' Voragh:
>Perhaps it's some military abbreviation: {}  Consider
>it an opportunity to "reconstruct" the underlying text!
Great, a challenge! Who out there has the blood of Kahless?

ja' TPO,
> The markings on the gauntlets in pictures that I have seen do not
> completely match the characters we use in the font which is available
> from the KLI. Contrary to what some people believe, the symbols on
> show and the symbols in the KLI font are different.  
> Some are the same.  Some are similar.Some are different.  
> Some are the same shape but rotated.
> Also, look at the symbols in the Star Trek Encyclopedia, under"written
> languages".  There are a few there that are not in the KLI font.
ta' Hol DOES change, from Emperor to Emperor.
Perhaps the restoration of the clone Kahless has changed recent fonts?
> There is one that looks close to the  ng; also looks like a rotated
> Thats the shape used on the gauntlet (turned sideways).
> As we already know, these symbols don't mean anything. 
(Either from sheer lazyness, or VIACOMS Legal shennanigans.)

> And because they ARE different from the symbols used the KLI font, 
> how can we speculate,even forfun?
This coming from someone who not only has {notjegh} on his license
plate, but works for an International organization whose only signage
is done as a combination of ACRONYMS!

tIqlij tlhIngan Da'angnIS!

All military organizations through human history have used acronyms.
Is it a really stretch that Klingons would?
It could easily be a universal efficiency.
We even have a clipped language as well!

It is no greater effort than say, making an Imperial Uniform, 
or a turtle nachlij...

The History of Star Trek fandom demonstrates that we have always 
gone further than Paramount would have expected.

ja' NoIcons,
>Might I be too far afield, then, if I were to speculate that the
>cryptic marks mentioned on a certain pair of gaunlets might be 
>pictographic in origin, or even a stylized or phonetic pictograph? 
>If the gauntlets were of ancient origin one might even speculate 
>that they represented an archaic  and"lost" link in the development
> of Klingon written language. 
This would be no' Hol. Yes absolutely. Even today, Rome marks all 
Metropolitan City, State & utilities with the S.P.Q.R. 
!!This has been used continuously for OVER 2000 YEARS!!

Something like : " U.S.A.", "U.S.M.C.", or "S.P.Q.R."? 
voDleH.rIp.chIrgh.Dotlh   (Emperor.Counsil.Temple.Status)
veS.rewbe'.chut.Duy       (War.Citizen.Law.Emissary)
veS.ra'wI'.chuQun.DuSaq   (War.Commander.Nobility.School)

Each of these come close to Senatus Populesque Romanus (S.P.Q.R.).

Anyone else want to try?
reH Suvrup SuvwI''a'!

ja'qa' NoIcon,
> One notes a strong similarity between the style of Klingon 
> (so faras I have seen thus far) 
> and the Oriental languages, especially Japanese.
Still, only the Okudas know what should be best here.

Mike is of Japanese descent, it could be hoped that someday,
he would grace us with the time & effort it would take 
to "re-discover" the nature of pIqaD.

The possibilities for such a pIqaD project are astounding.

Qapla' batlh 'ej.
Qor'etlh valwI'na', Daq marr tuq, QonoS qa'.

yIn nI' yISIQ 'ej pechep. 
qepHom 'utlhHom - Klingon Language Institute. 
{qo'mey poSmoH Hol}-language opens worlds-/
Maybe I'm wrong, but I am always Qor'etlh.
{nuq, vISaH?} - What, me worry? - 
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