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RE: KLBC:convert

jatlh 'oghwI':

> would I say
> wabvo' HoS choHwI'
> energy to noise converter.

Well, to start with, it looks like you are trying to say "noise to energy
converter" here. You've said "From (a) noise ... reactor". The <wabvo'>
doesn't fit here. <wab>, as I understand it from the recent startrek.klingon
post, means "a noise", and not "noise" in general. You also can't put a noun
with a type five suffix into a noun phrase. The type five suffix says that
the noun has a modifies the whole sentence, not an individual noun.

For "energy to noise converter", I have a really simple suggestion:

> How do I do sentences with two objects and no subject?
What do you want to do?

> Is there a word for Character(letter)?
Not that I know of. However, since we don't know how the "real" Klingon
pIqaD works, there may be no such thing as a "letter". 

> Are these correct?

> lab 'oghwI' bIlI'
> Transmitted from 'oghwI' to you.
This sentence has two verbs, so it needs to be two sentences: <lab 'oghwI'.
bIlI'.>. <lab> and <lI'> also win the "most confusing definition" award, so
I'm not sure of this usage. I think it's correct, but others may have other

> naDev jIyIn 
> I live here.

<yIn> is "live" in the sense of "be alive". We have a word <Dab> which means
"dwell in/at, reside in/at", and that's what you should use: <naDev vIDab>.

> 'oghwI' juH
> 'oghwI's home.

maj. 'oghwI' juH Dabba' 'oghwI'.

Beginners' Grammarian

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