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Re: gauntlets

ghItlh DloraH:
>The markings on the gauntlets in pictures that I have seen do not
>match the characters we use in the font which is available from the KLI.

I know what you mean. I have a page on my site about that, to be found under

>different from the symbols used the KLI font, how can
>we speculate, even for fun?
Well, it's just an inofficial convention. Most people who use so-called
pIqaD use the table displayed on the KLI page. Best example is the HolQeD
There  is also another Klingon Font - called  Klinzhai - that looks pretty
good, although I have never  seen it on TV...

another thing:
When I was using a font with no serifs, I thought your name was "DIoraH".
But now I saw it's "DloraH". How do you pronounce that? Where does it come

Quvar muHwI'

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