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ghItlh Voragh:
>When I started studying Hebrew after several years of Russian,

During my summer holiday last year, I met some isralian family. I talked
with them a lot. Since not all of them could speak english, others needed to
translate into hebrew.
And I was damn surprised when I actually understood one single word. It's
pronounced *qo'Hav*.

We had been talking about the stars (=> {Hov})!
I think it's just coincidence, but at that moment I was glad that I speak

Other thing: They tought me many hebrew words, counting, some curses, basic
sentences. I wanted to write them down, but I cannot write hebrew letters.
So I wrote down everything using the latinized transkription we are using
all the time! Funny!
Let's test it: What does it mean:
**'anI 'ohev 'otaH.** (something very important to know! :-)


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