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Re: a young Warrior

Hu' law' jatlh Gabor:



> Bit off topic: Do you know the band Manowar? I think it would be great
>in the warrior's language, its texts are made for it!

Hehe... chu' latlh muchwI' ghommey, HoHqu' veSloD'e'!

I once tried to translate the refrain of "The Gods Made Heavy Metal":
baS 'ugh luchenmoH Qunpu'
'ej 'eyqu' 'e' lunoH
ghe'tor wab jey ghoghmaj 'e' lupoQ
majatlh <<lu', malay'bej>>
jatlhDI' rejmorghpu' <<tugh Heghbej baS>>
teHbe' SoQ 'e' wISov
baS 'ugh luchenmoH Qunpu'
'ej not Hegh baS 'ugh jay'...

...and then I looked at it seriously, decided that a) the grammar was ugly
and that b) it just sounded awful, and then buried the text somewhere under
a pile of other stuff where it lay forgotten until now.

Translating songs is somehow an impossible task. The result will ALWAYS be
different, and usually inferior to the original.

> so for now, I wave goodbye:
> Gabor, Son of Vilmosh From The House Of Qosper

- who's a tiny little bit behind with the list and who's now trying to catch
up, casually answering pretty old posts -

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