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Re: KLBC: adjectives

Hu' law' jatlh pagh:

>> Can verbs functioning as an adjective take any other suffix
>> other than -qu' ?  mainly -be' ?
>: We have seen both <-be'> and <-Ha'> on verbs functioning as adjectives.
>: example for <-be'> comes from the counting section of the Conversational
>: Klingon audiotape. I think the number is seven, but I could be wrong:
>:     Soch yIHmey lI'be' - Eight useless tribbles.
        ^^^^                        ^^^^

nom Sep yIHmey net Sov...
Soch yIHmey togh 'ach pumDI' pay' chorgh yIHmey lutu'lu'!!!

- who's a tiny little bit behind with the list and who's now trying to catch
up, casually answering pretty old posts -

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