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Re: Klingon WOTD: DIb (n)

At 05:20 PM 12/21/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> motlh.  'a rut Hub'eghlaHbe'bogh nuvpu' Hub tlhIngan chut.  be' loDnal
>> HoHchugh latlh loD, 'ej puqloD ghajbe' be'vam vaj bIreqtal tay ta'laH be'.
>> 'e' ta'DI' be', loDnal moj latlh loD 'ej Dejbe' be'vetlh tuq.  bIreqtal tay
>> ta'nISbe' be', 'ach 'e' ta' neHchugh ghaH vaj DIbDaj 'oH.  potlhbe' be'
>> HoS, nuH laHmeyDaj ghap. ghaH Hub chut DIbmeyDaj.
>DIbvam baj be' San. Heghpa' loDnalDaj DIbvam ghajbe' be'vam. 
>*priviledge* 'oH DIbvam. This is not a right that all persons or 
>all women have. 

chay' 'e' DaSov.  lutvetlhDaq De'vetlh tu'lu'be'.

Unless your circumstances mark you as a 
>priviledged person, you do not have this "right".

Priviledged?  What do you mean by priviledged?  According to Grilka, if a
woman's husband is slain in honorable combat, the victor may be invited to
take his place and his wife.  As she put it, "I am simply excersizing my
rights as an honored widow."  And because of that leagle right, she was
able to keep her house, land and property even though she could not defend
with force.

As for circumstances, what rights you excersize always depends on what your
circumstances may be.  You have the leagal right to a speedy trial, but you
only recieve the benefit of that right in the event that you are arrested.
You have the leagle right to sue for damages, but only if someone has
wronged you in some way.  But these are still rights.  Grilka would not
perform the Brek'tal ritual if her husband had not been killed, because to
do so would make no sense.

>> toH Qo'noSDaq SoHtaHvIS lIjon chut yaSpu'.  Daj...nuq 'oH HeSlIj'e'?
>> tachDaq 'Iw HIq bIr DapoQ'a'? 
>batlh jIvang. not vIqoplu'. latlh qoplu' 'e' vIbej neH.

maj, not Daqoplu'mo' jIQuch, 'a loQ Do'Ha'.  tlhIngan chut po'wI' QaQ
DachuplaH 'e' vItulpu'.


>> SuSvaj
>> > 
>> >> SuSvaj
>> >> > 
>> >> >> ijeyD
>> >> >
>> >> >charghwI'
>> >
>> >charghwI'

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