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Re: Question of title

 Thorwald Peeters asked:

: I'm wondering if my translation of the following sentence
:    Bio of Lieutenant QIna'a, daughter of JoraQ, of the house Manoq
: as
:    QIna'a Sogh sutai-Manoq, JoraQ puqbe' yIn lut
: is correct/ amendable.
In proper {ta' Hol} this is:

  QIna'a Sogh joraQ puqbe' manoq tugh yIn lut

: I'm especially uncertain about the combination of house with "daughter
: of".

Note the order: given name, parent's name, House name.  Without the rank she's:
  QIna'a joraQ puqbe' (manoq tugh)
  Qinaa, daughter of JoraQ (of the House of Manoq)
Also, some might prefer {yInlut}, but it's your call; we don't know the Klingon
term.  Personally, I like using {yInlut} for the official-sounding "biography,
curriculum vitae, resume, etc." as it leaves the two-word version for the more
informal "life story":

  QIna'a Sogh ghot ta vIlaDtaHvIS yInlutDaj Hutlh 'e' vItu'.
  While reading Lt. Qinaa's personnel file, I noticed that her
   bio was missing.               [said to the ship's clerk]

  yInlIj lut HIja'.
  Tell me the story of your life. [said to a stranger at a bar]

:      I am aware that the "sutai-" part is not tlhIngan Hol as such,
: but I thought that bit of tlhIngan Holbe' could be added, since the
: "sentence" is to be used in a RPG...

IIRC, the *klingonaase* formula in _The Final Reflection_ didn't use a
patronymic; it was just the given name, rank, Line name (Qinaa sutai-Manoq). 
As I understand it, a *sutai* is the rough equivalent of a {Sogh}, so you
probably wouldn't use the two together.  But you need to adhere to the
rank/name formulae of your RPG.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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