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Re: Question of title

 Thorwald Peeters hat gefragt:
> > I'm wondering if my translation of the following sentence
> > Bio of Lieutenant QIna'a, daughter of JoraQ, of the house Manoq
> >  as
> > QIna'a Sogh sutai-Manoq, JoraQ puqbe' yIn lut
> > is correct/ amendable.

Antwortet Voragh:
> In proper {ta' Hol} this is:
>  QIna'a Sogh joraQ puqbe' manoq tugh yIn lut

> >  I'm especially uncertain about the combination of house with
"daughter of".

> Note the order: given name, parent's name, House name.  Without the
rank she's:
>  QIna'a joraQ puqbe' (manoq tugh)
>  Qinaa, daughter of JoraQ (of the House of Manoq)

OMG! Voragh, for the first time in 5 years, I have caught you in a

You're slipping;
tugh = soon (adv) TKD , p110
tuq = tribe, house, ancestral unit (noun) KGT p228

And where, precisely do you find this specific 'Order' of precedence?
I was tasked with this recently, and tried for days to nail down a
confirmed naming convention (for honoring guests and Line members at
a Klingon Feast). All I could find were some examples.


> IIRC, the *klingonaase* formula in _The Final Reflection_ didn't
use a
> patronymic; it was just the given name, rank, Line name (Qinaa
> As I understand it, a *sutai* is the rough equivalent of a {Sogh},
so you
> probably wouldn't use the two together.  But you need to adhere to
> rank/name formulae of your RPG.

I have the books here [FASA, all of them] and cannot find any clearly
defined lineages in them either.

Yes, I have derived a simple formula (see sig. below), but it is far
from Canon.

Would you please cite your source material for Formulae?
I have tried, and confess that I am not your clerical equal.
You have always been a great resource.

You are still  the Canon Master.

Thanks again, as always,

Qor'etlh valwI'na', HoS ne', buraD tuq, tlhIngan wo' may' yo'
Duy'a' tera'gnan veng wa'DIch: Washington D.C.
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qepHom 'utlhHom - Klingon Language Institute /
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[ELINT :#17: tlhIngan wo' Duj Qo'noS qa']
Maybe I'm wrong, but I am always Qor'etlh.
{tlhIngan maH!}

qeq, qeq, qeq

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