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Up a blind alley

1) Is <He> (course, route) the only word that we know for road, street, path, way, etc.?

2) How would you say *square* (a city square, not the shape).  If nothing is known, my suggestion would be <Daq> as in the French *place*.  Thus, Place de la Concorde could be <roj Daq> and another well-known square <Daq Doq>.

3) Do we know a word for *blind* (adj and v) other than something like <leghbe'laHbogh> and <leghbe'laHmoH>?  Would a blind person then be <leghbe'laHbogh ghot> and/or <leghbe'laHbogh vay'> (one who is blind)?  As an alternative, is there a way of saying *sightless* or *unseeing*?

4) This is no doubt an elementary question, but the web pages I'm using are silent on the matter:  How does one construct prepositional phrases using *with* and *by* in tlhingan Hol? 

5) Currently, everything I know about Klingon grammar is coming from two web pages: and
Next time I'm in the States I'll be sure to pick up the classic reference works, but until then, if anyone knows a better page or has a file on the subject they'd like to send me, I'd be thrilled.

And if Voragh is reading:
Eshche raz spasibo za poleznuiu informatsiiu.  Ia iskrenne rad, chto vyshel na takogo spetsialista.  Ia ne znaiu chto takoe <jabbI'Idghom> ni na kakom iazyke.  *Data transmission* perevoditsia kak *peredacha dannykh* a *file* budet *fail*.  A mozhet byt' vy khotite skazat' *baza dannykh*? 


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