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Re: Up a blind alley

ja' qa'ral:
>2) How would you say *square* (a city square, not the shape).  If nothing
>is known, my suggestion would be <Daq> as in the French *place*.  Thus,
>Place de la Concorde could be <roj Daq> and another well-known square <Daq

{mIch} might work, depending on the context.  {vaS} carries a similar idea,
if not exactly the same meaning.

>5) Currently, everything I know about Klingon grammar is coming from two
>web pages: and
>Next time I'm in the States I'll be sure to pick up the classic reference
>works, but until then, if anyone knows a better page or has a file on the
>subject they'd like to send me, I'd be thrilled.

Don't wait until you visit.  If you have a credit card, you can order the
requisite materials online, through the KLI's Merchant page on the WWW at
/kli/Merchant.phtml (they're probably available from the or Barnes&Noble sites too).

-- ghunchu'wI'

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