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Re: Up a blind alley

qa'ral wrote:

: 1) Is <He> (course, route) the only word that we know for road, street,
: path, way, etc.?

That's it so far.  Obvious variants would be *{He'a'} "highway, promenade" and
*{HeHom} "path, alley" etc.  

Most of the Klingon we know is skewed toward space travel and "Treknology". 
Whether these are completely new words or old words whose meanings have been
broadened to include new technology is unknown at this point.  Probably a bit
of both.

: 2) How would you say *square* (a city square, not the shape).  If nothing is
: known, my suggestion would be <Daq> as in the French *place*.  Thus, Place
: de la Concorde could be <roj Daq> and another well-known square <Daq Doq>.

No idea.  Your suggestion is as good as any other, though you would have to
footnote it as it's not immediately obvious to the reader.  (No {Daq Doq} mne
ochen' nravitsia!)  We know they exist - we saw one in the Klingon settlement
on Maranga IV where they celebrated the Kot'Baval Festival (TNG "Firstborn") -
we just don't know what Klingons call them.  Or if they distinguish a them
any other type of crossroad.  Or if they have a word for crossroad.
: 3) Do we know a word for *blind* (adj and v) other than something like 
: <leghbe'laHbogh> and <leghbe'laHmoH>?  Would a blind person then be
: <leghbe'laHbogh ghot> and/or <leghbe'laHbogh vay'> (one who is blind)? 
: As an alternative, is there a way of saying *sightless* or *unseeing*?

Nothing official.  Others have used your suggestions on occasion.
: And if Voragh is reading:

reH jabbI'IDghomvam laDtaH voragh net Sov!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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