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Kagga's Crown (was Re: Klingonaase)

ja' Voragh:
>There was also an emperor Kagga, who led an unsuccessful revolt and was
>under sentence of death but was allowed accession to the throne for 20
>minutes. He had his "crown" burned into his flesh before execution.

chenmeH cha'maH 'ay' jaj wavlu'chugh, qaStaHvIS wa' 'ay' che' Kagga
net chaw'.  che'ta'DI', muHlu'.  Ford tlhIngan wo'Daq, mIv'a'Daj Hap
wIvlaH Hoch voDleH.  DIrDajDaq mIv'a'Daj ghItlhmeH qul lo'lu' 'e' wIv
Kagga.  vaj not ghaHvo' tlhaplaH vay'.

I recall that he was permitted to reign for a twentieth part of a day.
Ford's description of the Empire includes the detail that Emperors are
permitted to choose the material of their crown.  Kagga had his branded
on, presumably so that nobody could take it from him even after he was

>*Kaggate pash* "Kagga's crown!" is a mild klingonaase expletive.  I'm sure
>this one comes from Ford.

There is also a variant rule in Klin Zha called "Kagga's Crown", but the
connection to Kagga's story is unclear.  (The rule permits one to win the
game by carrying the goal to the unclaimed corner, but it hardly seems an
honorable success to win by running away.)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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