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Re: Klingonaase

> : Okay, now I KNOW someone is researching Klingonaase and inserting it here
> : and there in recent episodes. In this week's DS9 episode ("Penumbra") Worf
> : was in command of the K'Vort class BoP "Karagga". This sounds awfully
> close to
> : k't'agga if you ask me.

I just checked my notes; based on the number of escape pods, the "Karagga"
was probably a <bIrel toQDuj>.

ghItlhpu' voragh:
> According to my notes, there was an emperor Karagg (no further details).  I
> don't recall if this comes from John Ford's FASA materials or if I found it
> elsewhere.
> There was also an emperor Kagga, who led an unsuccessful revolt and was
> under sentence of death but was allowed accession to the throne for 20
> minutes. He had his "crown" burned into his flesh before execution.
> *Kaggate pash* "Kagga's crown!" is a  mild klingonaase expletive.  I'm sure
> this one comes from Ford.

Yeah. I, too, seem to remember reading that somewhere. I can just see an
amusing folktale about Kagga's Crown and how the Klingon forehead came to
be. :-) :-)


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