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Re: KLBC: nuqDaq jIyInlI'

[long post from Guido #1 deleted]

>ghItlh 'o' (PS): This is all not intended for me to go over the current
>Grammarian's head. These are just some suggestions that the Grammarian might
>have missed. Is that OK?---

I really don't mind additional comments to my own, provided I have responded.  
Usually, I put everything I can think of into the post when I reply.  However, 
*PLEASE* remember that you may be going over the heads of the people you are 
tlaking to.  I have seen an AWFUL number of off-topic posts under the KBLC 
header of late, and I would really like it to stop.  Remember also not to 
mention stylistic points under this header; it is really *mostly* for grammar 

Now, this is not to say you cannot respond to these people's posts.  Please 
do!  Just remember that if you are going to start delving deeply into obscure 
areas of grammar, or debated stylistic points, take it off the KBLC header.  
Also, some people have been jumping the gun a bit in correcting and asnwering 
posts.  I generally don't answer my email but once or twice a week, so that 
means I can be up to a week behind in my responses, which I generally anwer 
all at once.  If it is more than a week old, fine, I probably either didn't 
respond to it (unlikely), or I am more than a week behind, in which case, it 
is fair game.  If it is a week or less, let me handle it, okay?  Thanks.

One last comment:  Guido, you weren't going over my head, but you may have 
been going over the heads of those you were trying to help (but in another 
fashion).  {{:)  (Sorry, I had to include the pun. {{:) )

--HoD trI'Qal

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