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     Am I the only person who has difficulty dealing with our FTP site? When
I try to use LAN WorkPlace's RapidFiler (FTP with a friendlier face that
lists files and allows you to drag and drop them to copy them from remote
sites), it does not seem to be able to understand the file structure. It
comes closest when I choose "other". Then I actually get file names. I get
less success if I choose DOS, Novell, MVS, Unix, VM or VMS. Unfortunately, it
thinks subdirectories are files, and it is hit or miss whether or not I get
anything out of it. Usually miss.

     When I go in using character mode FTP, I'm basically lost. It is tragic
knowing as much as I do about some computers and as little as I do about this
seemingly simple task of downloading files from this FTP server. Can anybody
enlighten me? I'm a PC wizard with limited Unix experience, and I find this
interface to be roughly as accessible as CP/M. Note: we are talking about an
operating system that met its Darwinian demise over a decade ago.


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