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Re: Just Bored

Guido #1Daq HoD trI'Qalvo':
     *    *    *

>I normally translate "be bored" as {Dal ghu'} with a possessive on the
>      Dal ghu'wIj     "I'm bored."

We seem to think alike.  This was actually very similar to what was going
through my mind when I cam up with <Dallaw' Hoch>, but for some reason, <ghu'>
didn't come to my mind....

     *    *    *
Sorry if this has already been suggested, but... what about
?  I.e., "(unspecified) is boring me".

- marqem

                         Mark A. Mandel 
    Dragon Systems, Inc. : speech recognition : +1 617 965-5200 
  320 Nevada St. :  Newton, Mass. 02160, USA : [email protected]

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