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Re: KBTP: Marcan vocabulary

On Thu, 31 Mar 1994 [email protected] wrote:

> >nagh is the most popular rendering of the Klingon for "fuck" (let's drop
> >this "mate with" euphemy) in PK. It certainly, reportedly, doesn't sound
> >anything like nga'chuq of veS QonoS fame. (I really should listen to that
> >tape again some day.) This verb, too, got a lot of mileage in _Much Ado_.
> I heard {ngagh} on the tape. ({targhlIj yIngagh yIruch} "Go mate with your
> targ") Imesho, you should be careful using these words for which we have no
> written canonical examples. You might be right, but then again, if Okrand
> ever comes out and tells us it was {ngagh} on the tape instead on {nagh},
> you'll have to go back and change every one of those {nagh}'s. What a task.

When I listened to the tape, I heard {nga'}, which I assumed was a
shortened for of nga'chuq, giving us a canonical example for using {nga'}
as a transitive verb without the type 1 suffix.  Did anyone else think this?

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