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torture your spell-checker.

...and now for some comic relief:

I've been doubled over for the last five minutes trying to wipe tears out
of my eyes and unknot my abdominals.  Here is my usual salutation to
David Barron for replying to his Postal Course:


bIngDaq chaH `ay' SochDIch jangtaHghachmeywIj 

[by which I mean, in case the translation is wrong, "Sir, I write you.  Below
are my answers ("answerings") to the seventh section"]

Well, I ran it through my spell-checker, breaking up the last word so that
the spell checker doesn't give up.  Here's what it said:


bIngDaq chaH `ay' SochDIch jangtaHghachmeywIj 
bandage shah  ay  Scotched Janette-glaucoma-win


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