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Re: KBTP: Marcan vocabulary

>nagh is the most popular rendering of the Klingon for "fuck" (let's drop
>this "mate with" euphemy) in PK. It certainly, reportedly, doesn't sound
>anything like nga'chuq of veS QonoS fame. (I really should listen to that
>tape again some day.) This verb, too, got a lot of mileage in _Much Ado_.

I heard {ngagh} on the tape. ({targhlIj yIngagh yIruch} "Go mate with your
targ") Imesho, you should be careful using these words for which we have no
written canonical examples. You might be right, but then again, if Okrand
ever comes out and tells us it was {ngagh} on the tape instead on {nagh},
you'll have to go back and change every one of those {nagh}'s. What a task.

Still, it's a good word. We need more like it, since all the curses we have
are either nouns or interjections. No verbs.

Also, I wish Okrand would give us more info on Klingon cursing, so some of us
who really wanted to put some effort into the endeavor could truly master the
"fine art of swearing".

QI'yaH mu'qaD De' mughojnISmoHtaHqu' petaQ'a'na''e' pIj lutIchbogh toDSaH

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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