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Re: rain and snow

On Mar 21,  1:52pm, mark wrote:
> Subject: rain and snow
> Most of the time when you're talking about rain, you mean the
> fact that it's raining.
>     I got wet from the rain
>     SISmo' jIQaDHa'pu'
> But if you're really talking about the stuff that's falling as it
> falls, I suggest SISwI'.  Similarly, falling snow would be
> peDwI'... but after it's fallen, peDpu'wI'.
> - marqem

     Waaaaay interesting. But how do we know SISwI' isn't a storm cloud or a
garden hose or a shower head? How do we know peDwI' isn't the sky or a ski
resort's snow making machine? By convention, marqem's nominalizations could
all make sense, but I don't think it's automatically right. We need to just
give the matter a little attention to see if the group mind finds this to sit

     It IS a lot less awkward than {SISbogh bIQ} or {peDbogh chuch}. Then
again, I guess even this is not all THAT awkward. After all, "artificial snow
making machine" is a pretty awkward construction in English. Fortunately, we
don't use the term all that awkward in casual conversation...


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