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New canon


       I have discovered what is apparently new canon, though 
quite limited. The new novel SAREK by A.C. Crispin seems to 
have a few genuine Klingon words in it. Very few, and almost 
all nouns scattered among English sentences. There is no 
particular efforts at grammar, the one adjectivally modified 
noun being stated backwards. In the acknowledgements, the 
author thanks: "Marc Okrand, for inventing words and phrases 
in Klingonese when I needed them. Thanks, Marc. Now I know 
what to say if I ever make love to a Klingon!"

       Riiiight. In yer DREAMS, lady. The words to which she 
referred were: {HIja' mevQo!}, which she manages to slip in 
several times. I guess you WOULD clip a little in the midst of, 
umm, battle conditions.

       Anyway, the only totally NEW word I found at first scan was 
{norgh}, which is supposed to be a shark-like creature. At 
least, it is indicated that it is a dangerous, carnivorous 
water animal. There were also a couple new uses for somewhat 
modified words, like {Heghba'} meaning ritual suicide. In order 
of discovery, the rest of the words are:

targhoy [a nasty warrior called his unwilling bride-to-be this.]
chal [which means "sky", but in this case refers to a type of 
be'joy - [torture by women, not of them]
va - [used inappropriately as an adjective for Kirk]
TengchaH Jav - [with inappropriately uppercase T and J]
Du'Hurgh - ["Farm Pickle"? Badly constructed "Dark Farm"? It's 
     the name of an estate.]
Hu'tegh - [Off the list on TKD page 178.]
norgh - [shark]
HoHwI' - [Ship's name]
HoH'egh - [Inappropriately used as a noun meaning "suicide"]
Hija' mevQo' [Said between close friends. Never mind the 
        missing {yI-}]
'Iwoy - [Unusual affectionate term.]
Heghba' - [Used as a noun for ritual suicide]
veQ-nuj - ["Garbage mouth" used as an insult.]
lam be' - [Used as an insult to a woman. It looks like she meant
   {be' lam}, since it wasn't really an appropriate place for a 
Taj - [Another ship's name with another inappropriate uppercase 
Hu'tegh - [As in "He's one Hu'tegh fine gunner." Apparently 
     this general invective can be used as a general intensifier.]

       There was another ship name or two in there.

     I hope this proves interesting to someone somewhere, and if not here,
then where?


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