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Re: KLBC: Spring Break


>>>neH "'ach jIneHqu'nISmo' jIghIQQo'" 'e' mu'tlhegh pImDaq vIjatlhlaHpu''a'
>>>I'll translate this right off the bat...
>>>Could I have said "'ach jIneHqu'nISmo' jIghiQQo'" in a separate sentence?
>>>Is it possible/how would I create a "But..." sentence?
>>Well, first, let's disect the question itself.  First off, we get
>>that strange use of neH again.  This time, I suspect it is intended
>>as the adverbial, meaning "merely, just".  Recall, though, that the
>>rule is *special* for this neH-- unlike other adverbials, it
>>*follows* the thing it modifies.
>This I didn't realize.  It was intended to be an adverbial for merely, just
>Thanks for the corrections; hope I can remember them for the next time... :)

<neH> is the only adverbial that functions this way; it is the exception to 
the rule.  I remember it by thinking of <neH> and <je> (when it is used to 
eman "also") in a seperate category together, by themselves; they both follow 
the verb.  You can also (almost) throw <jay'> in there as well, although it 
always comes at the end of the sentence instead.

--HoD trI'Qal

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