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Re: providing translation


>I'm going to flagrantly abuse my power as Grammarian and post
>occasional things to the beginner conversation *without*
>translation.  I think I can be counted on to post things which are
>correct, comprehensible, and avoid controversial areas of grammar.
>However, I will continue to support the rule that everybody else
>*will* include the translation.  If they want, some other advanced people
>can be given permission to ignore this requirement as well, on
>request.  This will mean that, in general, beginner posts will have
>translations, but there will still be a *few* kicking around that
>people will have to work through for themselves.  Acceptible?
>                    --Krankor

Qanqor, add one more to the "count" I owe you (So it's what, four now?).  
anyone who thinks their posts are readable enough that beginners can learn 
from them without translation, contact me at [email protected]  
Off the top of my head, I *know* I have never had any problems with any of 
Qanqor's, or ~mark's posts, and very rarely with charghwI's.

The next question I have is this:  do the beginners wish *me* to continue to 
provide my translations?  I have been to this point, and shall continue to do 
so until I have an indication that this is no longer desired.  Anyone who has 
an opinion on this one way or the other, email me *privately* to 
[email protected]  I don't want to clutter the list with 'votes' 
like this. {{:/

--HoD trI'Qal

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