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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw


>jIvum vIneHbe'mo' qajatlh
>tugh Qapla' Dachvajjaj

The first of these sentences is perfectly correct.  However, if you want it to 
refer to more than one person, then you need to change the verbal prefix to 
<Sajatlh>.  I am guessing you typoed in the second sentence, and you actually 
meant to say <tugh Qapla' Dachavjaj>, as I have seen you put at the end of your 
posts before.  If not, then I really need to know what it was supposed to be, 
becasue you said something I can't find. :)

>and somehow I've managed to remember what ghaj means...  :)

majQa'!!!  Memorization is tough... especially of vocab.  I am STILL learning 
vocab...  Don't worry, it will come to you.  Just keep practicing!

Two tricks for learning:  One is to memorize the more common suffixes and 
prefixes.  If you can recognize -moH -chugh -be' -Ha' -nIS -bej -wI', etc, then 
you are doing pretty good.  Also, if you keep looking up words, even though you 
are fairly certain you know what they mean, until you are REALLY sure you know 
what they mean, that helps... it will also prevent you from makeing the mistake 
with vum/neH we saw a couple of posts back.  No, this won't work for everyone, 
but it might help some.

--HoD trI'Qal

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