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Well, then *can* you use two or more adjectival verbs on the same
noun? [...] I would accept something like "Duj tIn SuD" for
"large green ship".  I recall that Krankor also supports it, if
you'll trust my demonstrably faulty memory.

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Just to throw some oil on the fire ;-), there are human languages
that will NOT allow two adjectival modifiers* on the same noun;
they require something like "ship large which is green".  Maybe
Klingon requires you to join the modifying verbs with "and" ('ej,
of course, not je):  Duj tIn 'ej SuD.

bImISDI' yImISmoH!

- marqem

                         Mark A. Mandel 
    Dragon Systems, Inc. : speech recognition : +1 617 965-5200 
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