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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw



Before I go into the main body of this letter, I forgot to point out that the 
title should have an ' at the end of it.  Thank you, marnen!

>	Actually, this is what I meant to say.  So you did translate my hack
>correctly.  I was unsure of the `jang` trick,  I was unsure of how to voice 
>What would be the better way to translate it?

That is a good question.  How about:

	bIjang 'e' vIleghbej  "I certainly see that you answer".  I was at a 
loss the first time I tried to offer alternate translations, because I wasn't 
sure of your intent.  Is this any closer?

>	What I was attempting to lament about is that having the answers on the
>same page on the print outs I bring home,  destroys my learning.  I disagree
>with the "I know how to use a dictionary" argument.  If you get sick of 
>pages, LEARN the words.  This would *help* you learn them,  as you would stop
>flipping pages as you LEARNED the language.

I recall seeing a later post from Qanqor addressing this.  I recall he offered 
the suggestion that "new" learners continue to provide their translations, 
while "advanced" learners would not.  (If I am paraphrasing him wrong, I am 
sure he will correct me...)  This was an excellent idea, and one I never would 
have thought of in a million years.  I will speak more of that in a later post.

>	Although I see the merit of including the translations,  I agree
>with the notion of either having them encrpyted (even just using UUENCODE,
>since it is available for PC's as well - I have it at home!) or some other

The problems with this is not everyone has access to the same methods of 
encoding.  I am on a VAX/VMS (HELP!  I'm stuck on a VAX/VMS in the middle of 
BITNET!!!!), and have very *litte* control over what kind of software I can 
actually access, and virtually no manipulation of files.  Such an encoding 
scheme will certainly not work for me.

>	I also realize I am out numbered here and will be forced to conform,
>albeit complaining loudly about this one (quasi) minor point.

Actually, I don't like the inclusion of the text either, but if those who are 
looking for corrections on their translations don't include them, I am at a 
loss when I am not sure of your intent.  Usually, I can tell (because I used 
to make the exact same errors {{;) ), but not always.  That is why I asked 
they be included... so I can better help you.

>	wIv vighajbe'law.
>	mamoSlaHbe'chugh, jIHeQqang
>	vIvumnIS mu'tlheghmejwIj.
>	choQaH.

bISuvqangtaHmo' bIquvqu'!

The first line was very good... except you need an ' at the end of 
<vIghajbe'law'>.  (You also forgot to capitalize the "I", but that is minour.)  
The second line was beautiful.  majQa'!  The third line looks like you were 
trying to say "I need to work on my sentences" and "My sentences need work" at 
the same time.  I think the first translataion would work better:  
mu'tlheghmeywIj vIvumnIS.  (You also used -mej, which doesn't exist, instead 
of -mey)  The last sentence was a statement of fact.  "You help me."  It is 
fine as it is, but if you wanted to say "Help me," as in the command, you 
would have wanted one of the imperative prefixes from page 34:  HIQaH.  From 
your translation, I think you wanted to say: choQaHlaH.  "You can help me", 


We seem to be able to compromise.
You are *honoured*, becasue you are willing to keep fighting!
Keep disagreeing with me!

--HoD trI'Qal

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