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KLBC: More Exercise

Here's some more stuff I've come up with whilst bored.  This time, I'll add
the translations at the end...

tugh jInmolwIjmo' vIvumta'

Qapla'Heyvammo' jIQuch

muqaDbe'pu' Qu'wIj


<And Now A Message From Our Sponsor>

"Hey, I'm Rick Dees, and this week, we'll be talking with some Klingon 
linguists, currently working on translating the Bible.  That's this week
on Rick Dees' Top 40 Countdown..."

(Sorry, couldn't resist the joke)

<And Now Back To Our Lesson>

The Answers are:

(NOTE:  I'm paraphrasing these things; the following are what I express,
and not necessarily verbatim translations...  Please correct my grammar/etc
if necessary...)

I'm almost done my project

I'm happy because I'm almost done

The work wasn't that hard

...Still Paul

Qapla' Dachavjaj

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