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Re: KLBC: Spring Break

>>DaH poH'a' vIghajmo' jIghIQlaH 'ach jIneHqu'nISmo' jIghIQQo'
>>qaD 'oHpu' mughta'ghach'e'

>This was a nice attempt, but it has a few ewrrors in it.  First is the use of 
>the suffix -Qo' on a non-imperative verb.  You can't do that.  If you want to 
>say "never", but in a non-imperative/command sense, use <not>.  That is what 
>it is there for.

Sigh.  Not correct.  -Qo' is absolutely allowed on non-imperative
verbs.  Go back and read 4.3 (page 47) again.  Everyone gets to give
the BG a lash with a wet noodle.

>qatlh pImev wIneHqu'???  {{:)

This is also erroneous.  Remember again that this is one of those
sentence-as-object cases, and, as such, is really two sentences.
It is the second sentence which is the question, and therefore qatlh
should go at the head of it.  Thus:

pImev qatlh wIneHqu'???


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