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Re: KLBC: Spring Break

On Mar 15,  3:17pm, "trI'Qal" wrote:
> This was a nice attempt, but it has a few ewrrors in it.  First is the use 
> of the suffix -Qo' on a non-imperative verb.  You can't do that.  
> --HoD trI'Qal

     I've wondered about this before. Is this true? I know that you can't use
{-be'} WITH an imperative, but I though perhaps you COULD use {-Qo'} with
non-imperative verbs to mean "don't" or "won't". It is true that this can
usually be expressed as {-qangbe'}, so it would not be a great loss. Still,
I've never read anywhere that you can't use {-Qo'} with non-imperative verbs.

     Hmm. Looking at the language in TKD: "This negative suffix is used in
imperatives and to denote refusal." Sounds to me like the "refusal" meaning
would be used in cases not involving imperatives.

     Could I hear a larger consensus on this?


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