tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Tue Mar 15 19:28:33 1994

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Re: Help, please

On Mar 15,  7:09pm, "Coz" wrote:
> I was originally thinking of something along these lines:
> porgh righ SiHtaH maSbej (some sort of conjunction) yab qal bechtaH
> (It is certainly preferable to continually endure a lame body; it certainly
> not preferable to continually suffer a corrupt mind.)
> Or something like that.  But I still don't find either of these to be
> acceptable.  BTW, please excuse grammar mistakes; I'm still learning.
> Anybody got any better ideas?
> Thanks,
> KoSneH

     porgh rIgh yab qal ghap vIwIvnISchugh vaj jIrIgh 'e' vImaS

     "If I must choose a lame body (exclusive)or a corrupt mind, then I
prefer that I be lame."


     jIrIghnIS pagh jIqalnIS vaj jIrigh 'e' vImaSbej

     "If I must be lame (exclusive)or I must be corrupt, then I definitely
prefer that I be lame."

     I like this second casting better.


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