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Re: Help, please

Topic Goranvo':

 > Heghta'ghach QaQ law' toy'taHghach'a' QaQ puS.
 >  (death is better than slavery)
 >  (I hate those -ghach-es. Anybody know a better way out?
 > I'd love to hear it)

I think in this case, you should use {qaq} "be preferable" (v)
as in, "I would prefer death over slavery".
There was a line similar to this in STVI.  In fact, it says
the same thing.  The spoken line was:
"qamDu'majDaq Hegh qaq law' qIvDu'majDaq yIn qaq puS"
and was subtitled with, "It's better to die on our feet than live on
our knees."

 > tlhInganpu' QaQ law' tera'nganpu' QaQ puS

In this case, it seems OK to use "good" in comparing relative


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