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Help, please

>From: Will Martin <[email protected]>
>Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 08:26:36 EST

>jIrIghnIS pagh jIqalnIS vaj jIrigh 'e' vImaSbej

>"If I must be lame (exclusive)or I must be corrupt, then I definitely
>prefer that I be lame."

Um, where's the "if"?  Another wish for Nick's irrealis, I guess.  But
without some sort of irrealis, we're left wondering if you're really faced
with the choice: sounds like someone musing.  "Hmm.... I have to be lame or
else I have to be corrupt.  I'd rather be lame".  'Course, where would you
put the "-chugh" then?  My preference is on both the verbs, making it
"jIrIghnISchugh pagh jIqalnISchugh...".

>I like this second casting better.



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