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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw

> >I think the thing which helped me the most was the month that Krankor 
> >decided that  there was to much English being used on the list, and he 
> >posted EVERYTHING he did in tlhIngan Hol...  

> Not having a translation available does help the learning process, but I
> think that would only work for someone like Krankor, who knows how to
> express himself well in tlhIngan Hol. For beginners, however, who are apt
> to make enough errors in their text that it might not be understood
> correctly, translations are more necessary. Maybe not necessarily in the
> same post, but just available somewhere. In this way, if they have a
> passage that no one seems to understand, one could look up the translation
> and the Beginner'sGrammarian would be able to explain to them how to
> express their desired meaning better.
> Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

     The counterargument to this is that someone can post something that is
either wrong or badly worded and include an English translation and beginning
readers will see this and say to themselves, "Oh, THIS is how I can say this
English thing in Klingon..." It might be better if things which are confusing
or wrong remained impenetrable so writers would be forced to stick to
constructions they can handle. I think it would be far better to encourage
people to write things that can really be understood instead of encouraging
them to be as clever as possible with the grammar, even if nobody can
understand it without a cheat sheet.

     This is only an opinion. I'm open to further comment.


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